Simontaxi Driver Registration Plugin Documentation

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1| Driver Registration Plugin

This plugin enables drivers registration on Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking. This is the great way to collaborate with drivers those who want to work with you.

  • Plugin Features:
  • Separate menu item in Admin to create Tabs/Sections
  • Separate menu item in admin to create fields
  • Great way to arrange fields in a tab/section
  • Separate settings like display style, field info display type, Menu item, Driver Approval, Form Instructions, Email settings etc.
  • Drivers will alert based on email/SMS settings
  • 10 types of field types to select Example: Text, Number, Email, Text area, Dropdown, Radio, File, Date, Empty Space, Heading

2|Plugin Installation

When you are ready to install a Plugin, you must first upload the Plugin files and then activate the Plugin itself. The Plugin files can be uploaded in two ways:

  • FTP Upload: Using your FTP client, upload the non-zipped Plugin folder into the /wp-content/Plugins/ folder on your server.
  • WordPress Upload: Navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped Plugin folder. Hit "Install Now" and the Plugin will be uploaded and installed.

Once the Plugin is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Plugins -> and activate your Driver Registration Plugin.

Once the Plugin is Actiavted Successfully,New Menu Fields Will be Added to Admin Side Menu.

3| Driver Tabs

By Using this feature, we can add Driver Tabs as per Requirements.

Admin Side:

Front End:

4| Driver Fields

By Using this feature, we can add Driver Filds under Driver Tabs as per Requirements.

Admin Side:

Front End:

Finally the Fields will looks like this in Front End

5| Driver Fields Order

Here you can change the Order of Fileds by Using Drag and Drop Feature

6| Driver Registration Plugin Settings

Admin Side:

Front End:

7| Contact

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