Simon Taxi-Simontaxi - Vehicle Booking Add Booking To Google Calendar Documentation

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1|Plugin Installation

When you are ready to install a Plugin, you must first upload the Plugin files and then activate the Plugin itself. The Plugin files can be uploaded in two ways:

  • FTP Upload: Using your FTP client, upload the non-zipped Plugin folder into the /wp-content/Plugins/ folder on your server.
  • WordPress Upload: Navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped Plugin folder. Hit "Install Now" and the Plugin will be uploaded and installed.

Once the Plugin is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Plugins -> and activate your Simontaxi - Vehicle Booking Add Booking To Google Calendar Plugin.

2|Simontaxi - Vehicle Booking Add Booking To Google Calendar

How to create Client ID and Client Secret:

1.Navigate to the Google Developers Console, Click Here

2.From the top Project menu select Create project.

3.Give your project name, agree to the terms, then click on Create.

4.From the Google Developers Console Dashboard select Enable APIs and services. If you don't see this, select API Manager from the top-left "hamburger" menu.

5.Select Credentials under API Manager in the left-hand menu, click Create credentials, then select API key. You can get to the same result using the "Go to Credentials" button, but the screens you're taken through are a bit different.

6.Once you finish to create project you can find Client ID and Client Secret

Once you install the plugin:

7.You can find settings On "Vehicle -> Settings -> General" tab.

8.Click on "Login with Google" link

9.Enter your login details:

It will show you the application page then allow the app to access your google account info.

10.After the completion of Booking in Front End it shows the Booking details.

11.Then we can View the Booking details in respective Login Google Account Calender.

3| Contact

For any support please don't hesitate to contact us at

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